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Laos , Sunday 25 February 2018

News Laos » Politics: Author puts Lao coroner-detective on Asian literary map

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

After living in Laos, Cotterill settled in Thailand and now lives in the ... Moore's recent mysteries have taken on a political hue, touching on topics that are sensitive in Thailand, such as military coups, corruption and the judicial immunity of the ...

News Laos » Politics: The Far Right Is a Growing Threat in Greece

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

From large demonstrations, intense riots, and political instability ... a minister of health in the Samaras government and a former MP for the far-right party LAOS. After Georgiadis moved to ND in 2012, he quickly rose in the ranks. His populist appeal ...

News Laos » Politics: The Task of the Thoughtful

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Publication date: hursday 22 February 2018

Hansberry’s assertions about the political and moral stakes of art-making were remarkably ... together forever,” nor do we hear of “Bombay and Peking and Budapest and Laos and Cairo and Jakarta.” We are told instead of Hansberry’s commitment ...

News Laos » Politics: The South China Sea, its history and role in international politics examined by 12 experts in Great Powers, Grand Strategies

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Publication date: onday 19 February 2018

Some, like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia, have moved closer to the US and Japan. Others, like Laos and Cambodia, have sided with China. Sean Liedman and Tongfi Kim, respectively, examine the evolution of US strategy in the South China Sea and the ...

News Laos » Politics: Is Laos’ New Leader Really a Reformer?

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Publication date: Wednesday 26 April 2017

When asked what sort of country he wants Laos to be by the end of his tenure, he says that wants “solidarity throughout the country,” meaning “political security and societal peace,” which, judging from his predecessors, likely means control and order.


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Publication date: uesday 20 February 1973

VIENTIANE, Laos, Wednesday, Feb. 21—The Laotian Government and the Communistled Pathet Lao reached agreement this evening to end the war that has torn this country apart for the last decade. Word came in the form of a brief announcement on the Vientiane ...

News Laos » Politics: Maldives face-off: China's Belt and Road expansion tests India's resolve

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Publication date: Sunday 25 February 2018

This leadership tussle goes well beyond domestic politics. The Maldives ... That's what happened in Sri Lanka and it could also happen in Laos. Many of these projects are too large. They need it but they can't afford it and that's why it's never been ...

News Laos » Politics: Vietnamese, Lao PMs co-chair Inter-Governmental committee meeting

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Publication date: onday 05 February 2018

adding that affiliation in politics, external relations, defence, security, economy, culture, society and people-to-people exchanges were also expanded. Việt Nam currently hosts more than 14,000 Lao students. Meanwhile, mechanisms in coordinating and ...